Sold DotAndromeda Slaying the Rocaille Dragon
Oil on Panel
24" x 18"

The hero of her own story! Scroll through the other pictures to compare my Andromeda to those from art history and see what I'm reacting against. If you have read the myth of Perseus and Andromeda, you know Andromeda is an Ethiopian princess. Yet every painting of her depicts her as white as an alpine glacier. In this painting, I am un-whitewashing our mythology. However, I'm also revising it. In my story, Andromeda uses her chains to strangle the sea monster and her heels to stab at him. She transforms her constraints into the tools of her own salvation. In the background, Perseus flees the scene on Pegasus. I like this version better! I know so many women who are forging their own paths, and making their own fortunes...even in the face of hardship and heartbreak. They are the heroes of their own stories. This is for them! For our part, we are raising our daughters to be kick ass young women who can take care of this Andromeda!

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